Daphne Always

Daphne Always (née Sumtimez) is the stage name of Daphne James Overbeck. Based out of New York, she works in theater, nightlife, film, and television as a performer, hostess, and model. A Cancer with Gemini Rising and Virgo Moon, she is valued for her engaging hosting, smiling a lot, and lavender hand massages.


Since moving to New York in 2011 to obtain a degree in Classics and Philosophy from New York University, Daphne has explored the performance world as a way to navigate her experience as a transgender woman. She strives to create spaces that offer a moment of emotional disarmament among strangers, a celebration of the human spirit, and incisive reconsideration of common behaviors. 


Daphne is also a lover of animals, daylighting as a walker of dogs and a sitter of pets. Feel free to contact her for any of those needs as well!

Photo by  Travis Magee

Photo by Travis Magee