Daphne Always

Daphne Always (née Sumtimez) is the stage name of Daphne James Overbeck. Based out of New York, she works in theater, nightlife, and events as a hostess, performer, speaker, and model.


After she earned a Bachelor’s in Classics and Philosophy from New York University, Daphne began exploring the performance world in Brooklyn drag bars, eventually finding her way into the East Village and building a name for herself as a Downtown cabaret personality. In her art, she aims to create spaces that offer a moment of emotional disarmament among strangers, a celebration of the human spirit, and incisive reconsideration of common behaviors. 


Daphne’s recent credits include a sold out debut at Joe’s Pub, a sold out run as Sally Bowles in Cabaret at the Deep End, and a 2019 Brooklyn Nightlife Award for Best Vocalist/Musical Group.

Come hang out with her on Saturday nights at Club Cumming! Each week at midnight, she hosts Haus of Cumming with Darren Dryden and Sammy Jo, featuring a variety of lovely and talented performers. Also, come see her on Sunday, September 15, when Michael Cruz Presents LIVE! At the Rosemont with DJ Zenobia!

Photo by Matthew Pandolfe

Photo by Matthew Pandolfe